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Re: creating attributes in new objectclass

You're right !I forgot to define an equality matching rule for my new attributetypes,
My attributetype is now :
attributetype ( NAME 'backupmail1'
DESC 'Adresse mail fictive pour backup mail 1 en temps reel'
EQUALITY caseIgnoreMatch
SUBSTR caseIgnoreSubstringsMatch

Christophe Dumonet.

Christophe Dumonet
Centre de Ressources Informatiques
Institut Francais de Mecanique Avancee (IFMA)
Campus des Cezeaux
BP 265
63175 AUBIERE Cedex
Tel : +33 -
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Mail : Christophe.Dumonet@ifma.fr

Ralf Haferkamp a écrit :
On Donnerstag, 10. April 2008, Christophe Dumonet wrote:
I have created a new objectclass for my company, and added some new
Slapd restarts well, I can create new attributes with values in dns,
but When I want to search with the attribute with an ldapsearch or
another tools (postfix ), these attributes are not find.
for example : I got no answer with :
 ldapsearch -x -b "ou=people,dc=ifma,dc=fr" -H ldap:// -D
"cn=admin,dc=ifma,dc=fr" -W -LLL
"(backupmail1=dumonet@backup1.ifma.fr)" uid ( While I see in a ldap
browser an attribute backupmail1 with dumonet@backup1.ifma.fr in
value , and got an uid ! )

My objectclass is in a new schema : , and is included in slapd.conf
by include /etc/ldap/schema/ifma.schema
vi ifma.schema :
#schema local IFMA
#Date : 23/01/2008
#Author: Christophe Dumonet - IFMA
attributetype ( NAME 'pathbackupmail1'
                DESC 'chemin pour backupmail1'
attributetype ( NAME 'backupmail1'
                DESC 'Adresse mail fictive pour backup mail 1 en
temps reel' SYNTAX{256}
objectclass ( NAME 'ifma' SUP top AUXILIARY
        DESC 'classe d infos ifma'
        MAY ( backupmail1 $ pathbackupmail1 ))

Why ? Is my schema not well created, my syntax ? other , I work with
openldap 2.3.30 , thanks for answer !
Christophe Dumonet.
You didn't define an equality matching rule for you attributetypes. If you want to do equality matching the attributes you want to match against should have an equality matching rule defined. Have look in the slapd.conf(5) man page for the "attributetype" keyword. And probably also take a look at the schema shipping with OpenLDAP for examples.