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creating attributes in new objectclass

I have created a new objectclass for my company, and added some new attributes.
Slapd restarts well, I can create new attributes with values in dns, but When I want to search with the attribute with an ldapsearch or another tools (postfix ), these attributes are not find.
for example : I got no answer with :
ldapsearch -x -b "ou=people,dc=ifma,dc=fr" -H ldap:// -D "cn=admin,dc=ifma,dc=fr" -W -LLL "(backupmail1=dumonet@backup1.ifma.fr)" uid
( While I see in a ldap browser an attribute backupmail1 with dumonet@backup1.ifma.fr in value , and got an uid ! )

My objectclass is in a new schema : , and is included in slapd.conf by include /etc/ldap/schema/ifma.schema
vi ifma.schema :
#schema local IFMA
#Date : 23/01/2008
#Author: Christophe Dumonet - IFMA
attributetype ( NAME 'pathbackupmail1'
DESC 'chemin pour backupmail1'
attributetype ( NAME 'backupmail1'
DESC 'Adresse mail fictive pour backup mail 1 en temps reel'
objectclass ( NAME 'ifma' SUP top AUXILIARY
DESC 'classe d infos ifma'
MAY ( backupmail1 $ pathbackupmail1 ))

Why ? Is my schema not well created, my syntax ? other , I work with openldap 2.3.30 , thanks for answer !
Christophe Dumonet.

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