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Re: integrating LDAP onto EPrints and Dspace

On Wednesday 27 February 2008 16:31:44 divya shree wrote:
> Hi
> I am doin a project..where in i hav to integrate LDAP on to Eprints n
> DSpace..for providin a single user authentication to the users of Eprints n
> DSapce...

It would have been an idea to include links to the relevant documentation of 
these pieces of software, I provide them to save time of others on this list:


> For this i am trying to install OpenLdap-2.4.7..software..i would like to
> knw if i am on the ryt track and also would like to knw the diff between
> openldap  n ldap..if there is any...

OpenLDAP is an implementation of LDAPv3, with server, client utilities, and 
libraries. So, installing OpenLDAP would be a reasonable place to start.