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Re: Redirect bind requests to another server

Dieter Kluenter wrote:
Andreas Moroder <andreas.moroder@sb-brixen.it> writes:


we have a web application that autenticates via openldap. Now a second
hospital should use this same application, but they have their own
autentication server, active directory in this case.

In our network the users authenticate giving their username ( amoroder
in my case ) and password. Is it possible to configure openldap to
redirect the bind request to the remote server when the username
contains an extension like jsmith@remote ? Does this work with AD as
second/remote authentication server ?

What you are requesting is some sort of X.500 DAP services plus the service of a virtual directory.

"Virtual directory", yet another buzz-word (sigh!). After the buzz-word "meta directory" was burnt out we badly needed this. ;-)
Sorry, but such terms implicate that you can buy a full-featured off-the-shelf solution without thinking about what you really need. That's simply not true.

This could partly be achieved with
OpenLDAP, it would be easier to put a virtual directory in front of
OpenLDAP and AD and have all users to authenticate against the virtual

No matter what you put in front (OpenLDAP can do it) you have to use your brain and think about name spaces of AD and the user IDs and put the result of that into a configuration (e.g. OpenLDAP's slapd.conf).

Ciao, Michael.