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Re: OpenLdap unstable on RHEL5 & Centos5 with db4

On Friday 22 February 2008 08:14:59 Tony Earnshaw wrote:
> Rohit B skrev, on 22-02-2008 06:18:
> > Thanks, i downloaded RPMS from the link you send me but if i remove the
> > original RPMS i have a lot of dependencies one of them is postfix. It
> > gives libldap errors. So what i did was i recompiled postifx on a system
> > having the new ldap rpms installed and used that postfix rpm on my
> > setup. This solved the issue. I had to make changed in the DB_CONFIG
> > file to match the cache size suited to my systems memory and also copied
> > the same file to some of the application which need the DB4 library like
> > /var/imap/db .This solved 99% of my problems.
> You went about it one of the ways possible; however, installing Buchan's
> rpms will mean that they exist *parallel* to Red Hat's, so Red Hat's
> offerings don't have to be removed.

This is the case for 2.3 on RHEL4, or 2.4 on RHEL5, however 2.3 on RHEL5 will 
upgrade the RHEL package (which on RHEL contains the library) and install the 
library from my packages. Since the filenames for the library would otherwise 
conflict, there is no other option here (but I'm targeting 2.4 for my own 
servers which will run RHEL5 anyway, I'm currently running 2.3 on RHEL4 and 

I note that the instructions for installing are hidden in the .repo file:


It is not necessary to remove any other packages, or rebuild software against 
the libraries from my packages.