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Re: extend remote server with local (subordinate) entries

Oren Laadan <orenl@cs.columbia.edu> writes:

> Hi,
> I use the configuration below to extend a given remote LDAP database
> with a relatively small number of local records. Specifically, the
> local database adds new (posix) groups and new autofs maps, adding to
> the ones already given by the remote server. (see the original thread
> at: http://www.openldap.org/lists/openldap-software/200802/msg00128.html)
>> ...
>> moduleload      back_ldap
>> moduleload      back_bdb
>> ...
>> backend         bdb
>> backend         ldap
>> ...
>> # bdb backend, configured as a subordinate of the main server
>> database        bdb
>> suffix          "dc=SUB,dc=EXAMPLE,dc=COM"
>> readonly        on
>> subordinate
>> ...
>> # ldap backend, with the right DN base
>> database        ldap
>> lastmod         off
>> suffix          "dc=EXAMPLE,dc=COM"
>> uri             "ldaps://REMOTE_SERVER/"
>> ...
> The extension of groups works like charm, without any modification to
> the clients' setup (/etc/ldap/ldap.conf).
> However, the additional maps aren't observed by the autofs-ldap method
> and are therefore not working for users.
> Running on Debian (unstable), autofs-ldap-auto-master gives:
>   /home ldap:ou=auto.home,ou=AutoFS,dc=EXANPLE,dc=COM
>   /proj ldap:ou=auto.proj,ou=AutoFS,dc=EXAMPLE,dc=COM
> A remote LDAP entry for /proj looks like:
>   dn: cn=blast,ou=auto.proj,ou=AutoFS,dc=EXAMPLE,dc=COM
>   objectClass: automount
>   cn: blast
>   automountInformation: -rw blast:/export/blast
> A local (added to the subtree SUB) entry for /proj looks like:
>   dn: cn=extra,ou=auto.proj,ou=AutoFS,dc=SUB,dc=EXAMPLE,dc=COM
>   objectClass: automount
>   cn: extra
>   automountInformation: -rw extra:/export/extra
> Problem is, that autofs only "sees" entries of the first type; if I
> run automount manually (prepending "dc=SUB," to the default way it
> is otherwise invoked):
>   /usr/sbin/automount --pid-file=/var/run/autofs/_proj.pid --timeout=300 /proj
> ldap ou=auto.proj,ou=AutoFS,dc=SUB,dc=EXAMPLE,dc=COM
> then I can make it see the second type, but then it ignores the first
> type. Note that the same technique works for adding more groups. So I
> suspect the problem is that somehow autofs does not consider subtrees
> as valid results for its query to ldap.
> Any ideas how to fix this ?  (or perhaps suggestion how to arrange the
> entire setup differently and still have the same end result).

This presumably is an autofs problem, but you may have a look at
slapo-rmw(5) and slapo-translucent(5).


Dieter Klünter | Systemberatung