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Re: LDAP inquiry

Houaichine, Fathi (Fathi) wrote:

Honestly I don't know exactly the Openldap solution,

But you know your requirements.

I have some cases where my customers have different LDAP servers
(Microsoft LDAP), located in different domains and we need to query
those server with the same time. I was browsing the web if I can find
any application that allow to query different LDAP server so I can
use it as a work around.

So you need a LDAP reverse proxy which spreads a search across several LDAP servers.

back-meta seems promising, see man 5 slapd-meta

back-meta have many things in common with back-ldap (simpler reverse proxy), see also http://www.openldap.org/faq/data/cache/532.html

Doing this with AD can be tricky but there has been some discussions about this here already.

Ciao, Michael.