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RE: LDAP inquiry

Thanks Michael,

Honestly I don't know exactly the Openldap solution, but may you know Avaya, we are a global telecommunications vendor, with our IP telephony solution, our phones can query the LDAP directory using an LDAP think client developed by us, so our phone communicate with this thin client application then this application will query the LDAP server. In our application today we have a limitation and we can send a query to only one LDAP server a time.

I have some cases where my customers have different LDAP servers (Microsoft LDAP), located in different domains and we need to query those server with the same time. I was browsing the web if I can find any application that allow to query different LDAP server so I can use it as a work around.

Hope the case is more clear, and I'll appreciate if you can advise.

Thanks once again   

Best regards



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Houaichine, Fathi (Fathi) wrote:
> I have a need to query two different LDAP servers in different 
> domains, all the tools I have today I can query only one server a 
> time, so I am looking if Openldap can do this requirement ?

OpenLDAP's back-meta comes to mind. But your question is not very specific. What tools are you using and what does querying two different servers really mean? And you should tell us which name spaces your two servers hold.

Ciao, Michael.