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Re: Question concerning the dynlist overlay and single valued attributes

Gerd Schering wrote:
> Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
>> Dynlist does not
>> allow massaging, so an option would be to stack a rwm before dynlist, so
>> that rwm can massage the attribute names from persID to memberID before
>> gathering.  Looks ugly.
> Even if I will look for another solution (as promised in my previous
> posting), I am somewhat curious: where can I find an example dealing
> with overlay stacking?

Please keep replies on the list.  Overlay stacking is trivial: just
configure more than one.  From slapd.conf(5):

   overlay <overlay-name>
      Add the specified overlay to this database.  An  overlay  is  a
      piece  of  code that intercepts database operations in order to
      extend or change them. Overlays are pushed onto  a  stack  over
      the  database,  and  so they will execute in the reverse of the
      order in which they were configured  and  the  database  itself
      will  receive  control  last  of all. See the slapd.overlays(5)
      manual page for an overview of the  available  overlays.   Note
      that   all   of  the  databaseâs  regular  settings  should  be
      configured before any overlay settings.


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