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Re: Question concerning the dynlist overlay and single valued attributes

Gerd Schering wrote:

> I wnt to use the dynlist overlay to collect attribute values from
> entries in different branches of the DIT, via a dynamic group like this:
> dn: cn=dynamicTestList,ou=Groups,dc=local,dc=site
> cn: dynamicTestList
> objectclass: groupOfURLs
> memberURL: ldap:///dc=local,dc=site?sn,persID?sub?(objectclass=*)
> When I query this, I via
> ldapsearch -x -H ldaps:///   \
> -b "cn=dynamicTestList,dc=local,dc=site" -s base "(objectclass=*)"
> I recieve a reasonable number of "sn" values but just one for "persID",
> despite the fact, that there should be a lot of them.
> "persID" is defined SINGLE VALUE.
> Is this the reason for receiving just one item

Yes.  By design, dynlist does it best to return entries that would pass
schema checking.

> and if so, what can I do
> to circumvent this, i.e. retrieve all "persID" from matched entries?

What you want to do basically consists in using dynlist to generate sort
of a dynamic group, where an identifier's (persID) values are used for
membership.  Usually, this would be done by assigning those values to a
(multi-valued) membership attribute (say, memberID).  Dynlist does not
allow massaging, so an option would be to stack a rwm before dynlist, so
that rwm can massage the attribute names from persID to memberID before
gathering.  Looks ugly.

> BTW, does the dynlist overlay support the "cn=config" staff?



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