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Re: Ldap ppolicy schema entries

On Friday 08 February 2008 17:08:17 Ljunghammar, Darryl K wrote:
> Hi Tonni,
> Could you give me an example of what you meant by putting a + at the end
> of the ldapsearch command? When I tried putting a plus at the end it
> didn't give me any found results so I must be doing something wrong with
> the syntax.
> I used:
> [root@alph bin]# ldapsearch -x -H ldaps://alph/ -D
> "cn=Manager,dc=dst,dc=boeing,dc=com" -W -b
> "ou=people,dc=dst,dc=boeing,dc=com" "(uid=darryl+)"

The plus should be the next argument (which you will see in the man page, 
would be the attribute to retrieve), like this:

[root@alph bin]# ldapsearch -x -H 
ldaps://alph/ -D  "cn=Manager,dc=dst,dc=boeing,dc=com" -W -b "ou=people,dc=dst,dc=boeing,dc=com" "(uid=darryl)" '+'

(in single quotes to prevent the shell from expanding it first)

You may want to get all the non-operational attributes and all the operational 
attributes together, you can do that with:

[root@alph bin]# ldapsearch -x -H 
ldaps://alph/ -D  "cn=Manager,dc=dst,dc=boeing,dc=com" -W -b "ou=people,dc=dst,dc=boeing,dc=com" "(uid=darryl)" '+' '*'