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Re: Exporting LDAP info from Active Directory / Exchange Global Address List

Clemson, Chris (IHG) wrote:

I am trying to find a way of exporting most information from the GAL into an LDAP server. It seems that OpenLDAP might do what I want, however I'm relatively new to using LDAP, so I was wondering if someone could give me a few pointers on how to do this.

It sounds like I need to use a slapd as a Proxy Cache Engine, so I can
cache an AD query (preferably the equivalent of the Exchange GAL) into

A reverse caching proxy stores the data in a transient cache. This might not be what you want when saying "exporting most information" from GAL.

People can then use the OpenLDAP server as a Directory source in Outlook
without needing to log in to anything.

If that's your main goal you can use a reverse proxy. If you want to use the proxycache overlay slapo-pcache is the 2nd question.

See man slapd-ldap.5 for back-ldap and look at configuration directives starting with "idassert".

Ciao, Michael.