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RE: SSL/TLS connection on port 389

> > I've been running slapd with "-h ldaps:///" so that it 
> > takes SSL/TLS connections on port 636. This has worked 
> > with most clients (Outlook, Seamonkey, Thunderbird) but 
> > does not work for Evolution. I don't know why not, but 
> > Evolution seems to insist on using port 389 for secure 
> > connections.
> Evo will connect to port 636 ok, *if* you specify 
> 'the_host:636' in your 
> connection box. It works out that this is ssl for itself.

But where do you put in your password? At the moment I'm getting
"Connection Refused" (from slapd's logs, not from Evo) - I've chosen
"Bind using distinguished name" but Evo does not ask me for a password,
and it just fails to connect (telling me the URI may be wrong!). 

Thanks to Russ and Quanah for correcting me re Debian slapd and openssl.


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