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migrating to another server - restore problem - slapcat slapadd

I'm migrating from an old openldap server to a new one.

So, I have done a dump of the ldap database with a " slapcat -l mydump.ldap -f /etc/openldap/slapd.conf -b "dc=mycompany,dc=com"
--> So I had a dump ldif file where organisational units and dn are not in hierarchical order.

In my new server ( which works fine , I can ldapadd some ou,dn , no problem)
--> The slapadd command doesn't work because my ldap data in the ldif file is not in hierarchical order.

I can't re-order manually this because it's a important database ( the ldif --> 50Mo).

My slapadd command to restore is : slapadd -l mydump.ldif -f /etc/openldap/slapd.conf -b "dc=mycompany,dc=com"
and the errors are relative to the ldif OU order, I had trying to cut/paste in the ldif file some OUs to reorder and errors are reporting to another OUs...which are not in hierachical order !

How can I do to restore quickly my data to my new server ?
Any help would be appreciated,
Christophe Dumonet, From france

Christophe Dumonet
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Institut Francais de Mecanique Avancee (IFMA)
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