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Need a multi-client schema

[deep breath, disclaimer: I am a knowledgeable end user, having
administered a LAN of Linux and Windows PCs at home for several years,
but I don't code and I knew nothing of LDAP until recently. I originally
submitted this to openldap-software, but the moderator said it was more
appopriate for this list. I have lurked for a week with increasing
agitation at my lack of technical knowledge - apologies if this question
is too stupid for most of you.]

I run an IMAP server on my Linux box at home (Debian Etch), so that I
can read my mail from anywhere, using any IMAP client (Outlook at work,
Evolution at home, Thunderbird at my in-laws, etc.). I got frustrated
with having to export and import my contacts all the time, never
remembering which client had the most up-to-date set. So I looked into
setting up my own LDAP server so they could live in one place, available
to any client, just like the email. 

Sadly it doesn't seem to be that simple. Apt-get install slapd went fine
- Debian was even so kind as to set up a bdb database for me with suffix
"dc=mydomain", so all I had to do was create a rootdn and rootpw in
slapd.conf. I painstakingly exported my contacts from Outlook as CSV,
via Evolution as vCard then via http://labs.brotherli.ch/vcfconvert/
into LDIF. But trying to import the result into slapd gave lots of
errors, and this is when I discovered the joys of schemata. The
vCard-to-LDIF converter uses a variant Mozilla-address-book schema which
slapd doesn't understand. I tried tweaking the LDIF file with this
python script
(http://aspn.activestate.com/ASPN/Cookbook/Python/Recipe/476224) but
that fell over because some of my contacts don't have email addresses.
So slapd is up and running but I have no way of importing my contact
info without doing some Python hacking or re-keying the info (about 400

Basic question: is there an existing schema that I can include in
slapd.conf which will allow my contacts to be intelligible to all the
clients I use (let alone might use)? They are just basic person data:
names, postal addresses, phone/fax numbers, email addresses, etc. 

Assuming no, can I combine a schema for each client, if I can find one?
For example, the Mozilla one is here
(https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/attachment.cgi?id=166746), which will work
for Thunderbird, SeaMonkey etc. If I can find one for Evolution and one
for Outlook, could I just include them all, or would there be
incompatibilities? (Even if there aren't, a quick look at the Mozilla
one leads me to suspect that I would need to duplicate numerous fields.)

Does anyone successfully use LDAP with multiple clients? Is there an
easy way to do it? Judging from the 'AD-style AUX classes' thread there
are some issues with Outlook - in the first instance I would be happy if
both Evolution and Thunderbird/SeaMonkey could see and edit the same
contact data. 

Thanks in advance for any help, and apologies for the lengthy footer
over which I have no control,


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