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Re: Need a multi-client schema

--On Monday, January 21, 2008 3:07 PM +0000 "Carr, Chris" <Chris.Carr@camden.gov.uk> wrote:

Basic question: is there an existing schema that I can include in
slapd.conf which will allow my contacts to be intelligible to all the
clients I use (let alone might use)? They are just basic person data:
names, postal addresses, phone/fax numbers, email addresses, etc.

No. The people who wrote email clients have all decided they each want things in their own schema, more or less, so they are generally inoperable. You have to have slapd load the schema bits each one wants, and populate all of those bits, if you want all of them to be happy. I've filed bugs with numerous email client authors to fix their things to not rely on custom schema, or to allow the customization of what fields they look for, with little success. Eudora at one time was the best client in honoring custom schema, but they've morphed into thunderbird, so that pretty much kills that.

Most of the clients will understand the general RFC fields, but you lose the specific customizations they've made.



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