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Re: AD-style AUX classes

Andrew Bartlett wrote:

> I strongly suspect I won't ever get to the stage of being able to use
> OpenLDAP's schema files, unless they are strictly broken up into files
> that do and don't conflict with Microsoft (which is probably not an
> OpenLDAP goal :-)

Files provided by OpenLDAP are a mere dump of the contents of the
related RFCs, but users are not required to use them.  User-defined
schema is user-defined schema and, although most of interoperability
would probably break if you don't load core.schema (an significant
portions of it are actually hardcoded), you don't need to use those
files.  So breaking things up, or extracting portions and copying them
where they are needed by your application should not be an issue, given
that they are pretty stable, since they're based on standard track
documents.  Of course, as soon as you change standard track definitions,
you work against interoperability, but that's another issue.


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