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Re: automatic charset conversion?

Stefan Palme wrote:
> Hi,
> using an OpenLDAP server installation for several things. One thing
> is a shared addressbook which is used by different persons with
> different client applications. Some of them have a locale of
> "de_DE.utf8", some of them work with "de_DE.latin1", some of them
> use windows and so have a win-1250-or-whatever encoding.
> When creating new addressbook entries these are transfered from 
> the client to the server in the clients charset encoding. When
> clients with other encodings read these entries they seem somehow
> broken - of course.
> How to solve this problem? When the server known the "client encoding"
> the server could automatically convert clients data into e.g. utf8
> before storing it. Before sending data back to a client it could 
> convert all the stored utf8-data into client's encoding.
> But I did not found a way to tell the server the client's encoding,
> so this seems to be no way. Are there any working solutions for this?

LDAP by specs uses UTF-8.  "THE" solution consists in fixing those
clients that do not comply with specs.


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