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automatic charset conversion?


using an OpenLDAP server installation for several things. One thing
is a shared addressbook which is used by different persons with
different client applications. Some of them have a locale of
"de_DE.utf8", some of them work with "de_DE.latin1", some of them
use windows and so have a win-1250-or-whatever encoding.

When creating new addressbook entries these are transfered from 
the client to the server in the clients charset encoding. When
clients with other encodings read these entries they seem somehow
broken - of course.

How to solve this problem? When the server known the "client encoding"
the server could automatically convert clients data into e.g. utf8
before storing it. Before sending data back to a client it could 
convert all the stored utf8-data into client's encoding.

But I did not found a way to tell the server the client's encoding,
so this seems to be no way. Are there any working solutions for this?


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