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Re: Silly details like CN= v cn=

Andrew Bartlett wrote:
I've been working on making Samba4 pass it's testsuite with OpenLDAP as
a backend.

One of my tests does what no LDAP client should do - it applies a case
sensitive comparison of the returned DN, compared with what we expect
and get from AD.

For example, we search for cn=ldaptestmachine and then ensure we get:


OpenLDAP returns


which I'm sure is perfectly valid, but if I can write a bodgy script
with case sensitive comparisons, so can an admin or sloppy app.  Working
in the windows space makes me like to eliminate differences where I

It's not just perfectly valid, it is exactly correct. RFC4519 defines the attribute name to be 'cn' and we always return the canonical name for a given attribute. As always with Microsoft, AD is a broken abomination.

Of course, the point remains that attribute names are case-insensitive, and any user doing a case-sensitive compare on the attribute names is begging for disappointment.

Can the case of the attribute names (CN and DC) in that DN be made to be
UPPER case easily?  (Alternately I'll write a filter module on the
Samba4 side to do that).

If you can do this easily on your side, that would be best. We could also write an overlay for the slapd side, but it would be far more effort than it's worth.


Andrew Bartlett

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