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Re: openldap adressbook

digitom wrote:
> Hello,
> I've want to set up an email server with dovecot, postfix openldap etc.
> Now my problem is to set up an openldap adressbook for Evolution.
> I've could add a new contact to the database via Evolution, and can see
> the contact via phpldapadmin and with Evolution.
> But if I restart Evolution, all contacts are lost (in Evolution, in
> phpldapadmin I still could see the conatcts.)
> Where is the problem? I've activated all possible log statements, but
> there's no needful information. (for me:)

If you can search the data with an independent tool (like phpldapadmin),
then the LDAP server is fine.  Your problem seems to be with evolution.

As I'm not familiar with that client, my analysis will stop here.


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