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Re: Cannot replicate userPassword?

Thomas Kirchtag wrote:
> I am using OpenLDAP 2.3.25 (most current in Debian stable).
> I tried to follow Quanahs suggestion and added
> access to *
>        by dn="cn=admin,dc=int,dc=ipodion,dc=at" write
>        by * read
> on the consumer side, but it didn't change anything. I delete
> /var/lib/ldap/* and startet slapd but still:
> consumer /etc/ldap# slapcat | grep userPass
> consumer /etc/ldap#
> I'd hate to leave the commodity of package management by installing the
> openLDAP tar-ball but if no other solution is available I will have to...

I insist: there should be no bug, but only a complete refresh (e.g.,
create a new consumer from scratch) should reveal it.  If, for example,
you had an ACL issue at the time replication occurred, and later on you
fixed it, it will never re-sync unless forced.

An upgrade would definitely be quite beneficial, anyway, given the long
list of fixed issues between 2.3.25 and 2.3.40.


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