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Re: slapd read-only slave replica

--On Wednesday, May 19, 2010 11:02 PM +0200 DT Piotr Wadas <pwadas@dtpw.pl> wrote:


Does it make any sens to enable indexing of any attribute on read-only
slave syncrepl replica? I mean, isn't it just waste of resources, or,
actually, is not a waste a resources at all, since replica is read-only
and does not write anything anyway? This, I think, apply to any version
of  openldap.

Indexing attributes has to do with how the slave is queried. So, it depends how well you want the replica to perform while it is being "read". If you have no clients that query the replica, then I agree, there is no reason to index anything on it. I will note that syncrepl itself acts as an internal client, and there are some indices on the replica that help sync replication perform more quickly. But how badly you want to slow your replica down is of course entirely up to you. :)



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