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Re: Will slapadd work with delta-syncrepl?

--On Friday, March 26, 2010 8:43 PM -0400 Khoa Nguyen <khoa.coffee@gmail.com> wrote:

Now, my colleague doesn't agree with me on the delta-syncrepl approach,
and prefers to update A and B independently. His argument is that with
delta-syncrepl, B is dependent on A, so if A's databases (main + log) are
corrupted, and we have to restore A to a previous checkpoint, B would
automatically rollback, and we would lost the latest data. I still prefer
delta-syncrepl approach, since if updated independently, A and B can be
out-of-synch over time and we wouldn't know it.

If A corrupts, then you slapcat B and reload A with the data.



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