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Re: Replication problems.

--On Friday, March 26, 2010 5:41 PM +0000 Steve Button <steve@pointers-uk.net> wrote:

On 26 March 2010 14:57, Quanah Gibson-Mount <quanah@zimbra.com> wrote:

--On Friday, March 26, 2010 8:39 AM +0000 Steve Button
<steve@pointers-uk.net> wrote:

I'm checking this by comparing the date stamp in the contextCSN. Have
 Any suggestions?

Which release?


The release is 2.3 

If you want help, please keep your replies on list. 2.3 is no longer release. Many known issues have been fixed (particularly with syncrepl) since the last version of 2.3. You fail to note the patchlevel in your reply as well. The only replication mechanism that works reliably for me with 2.3.43 is delta-syncrepl.



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