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Re: Using back-ldap as a client-side proxy/cache

On 7 Mar 2010, at 23:28, Howard Chu wrote:

Neil Dunbar wrote:

And while nssov is really cute, since it exists in the same process space as
slapd, it doesn't end up triggering the pcache, which does gets fired upon
incoming LDAP requests from an external process (nslcd). It's probably that I
just suck, and didn't configure slapd quite right, but that's why I ended up
still using nslcd and slapd on the same box.

Hm, you probably have them configured in the wrong order. I specifically designed nssov and pcache to work together, and they do.

Well, I did try and flip them in either order (pcache then nssov, and vice versa); it did seem strange that it didn't work for me, but felt that it should. It could well be that my pcache templates weren't being triggered by nssov (but were being triggered by nslcd). I'll have another pop at a later point - it would certainly be to everyone's advantage to have one fewer daemon living in the system.



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