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Re: Admin Guide: Tuning 21.1.2 Disks and virtual servers

On 1/9/10 4:30 PM, Gavin Henry wrote:
----- "Francis Swasey" <Frank.Swasey@uvm.edu> wrote:

Is the info in this section intended for only physical LDAP servers or
for servers that are virtual (such as VMware) as well?

Physical servers are faster as you have more control over the disks that aren't shared

While that is usually true -- does it really answer the question I asked? Just because physical servers are normally faster does not to me imply that this section of the Admin Guide was written with only Physical servers in mind. So, let's say I'm crazy and I want to investigate putting ldap servers on VMware Guests --- do I care about any of the directions in section 21.1.2 about separating the logs and the db or not?

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