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Asyncronous, non blocking back- connector for Openldap

Hello all,

I would like to know if any of you have ever experiment a NONBLOCKING, socket based back-* for OpenLdap server.

For obscure reasons, out of the scope of this mailing list, I must compile openldap slapd with non-threaded option activated.

The data storage, we get data from, is accessed via standard TCP socket; but some read can take time. Thus we cannot wait in a blocking TCP read . We start our experiment with a modified version of back-sock ( using TCP ), but this back- use a blocking scheduling model.
How can we put in slapd scheduling loop an alien socket managed by a back- library ? ( SLAPD_ADD.... ?)
   How can back- be scheduled on socket reception ( Listener* ?)
   How can we asynchrously send LDAP response, and set the context for them
What should be answered at the first ldap request ( in the back_search() for example) to say 'will be answered later' ?

Any help, or pointer to help, even for only one of this point, would be much appreciate!

hp tf