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Re: unexpected userPassword content

Marten Lehmann wrote:
> I am writing a MD5-password to openldap:
> cleartext: 654321
> md5: c33367701511b4f6020ec61ded352059
> hex2b64: wzNncBURtPYCDsYd7TUgWQ==
> So in my call, I am setting
> userPassword={MD5}wzNncBURtPYCDsYd7TUgWQ==
> But when I retrieve the userPassword content later, I get this value:
> e01ENX13ek5uY0JVUnRQWUNEc1lkN1RVZ1dRPT0=

Please note that the same value can be presented differently by different
software. So you should more precisely describe which tool you used. Probably
the last value is just LDIF notation as

userPassword:: e01ENX13ek5uY0JVUnRQWUNEc1lkN1RVZ1dRPT0=

Read RFC 2849. :: indicates that the value is base64-encoded in the LDIF, not
the directory data itself.

> What has openldap done to it?

Probably nothing.

Ciao, Michael.