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SASL OTP and syncrepl


When using SASL OTP, the one time password sequence number is stored in
a cmusaslsecretOTP attribute. On every successful authentication, it
should be decreased.

That works fine until used with a syncrepl setup: authenticating to a
replica may cause its local cmusaslsecretOTP, but this change will be
overriden by the value from the master.

As a result, I see sometime the sequence number decreasing just after a
succeeded authentication, but that does not last very long. Soon or
later, the older value is restored.

How is it supposed to work? As far as I understand, there needs to be
some code for the replica to send the update to the master. Is the code
missing, or do I have a configuration problem that prevent it from
working? Or do I hit a bug?

Emmanuel Dreyfus