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Re: cannot allocate 0 byte

Michael Ströder writes:
>Edgar Fuß wrote:
>> Today, one of our OpenLDAP syncrepl consumers died (again) with "ch_malloc
>> of 0 bytes failed". Are there any known issues in 2.4.15 leading to that?
> (...)
> I'd recommend to upgrade anyway.


Also, you can make slapd dump core next time this happens so it's
possible to get some debug info if this happens again:
    ulimit -c unlimited
    cd <directory with room for core dumps and write access for slapd user>
    (slapd .... -d0 &) </dev/null >/dev/null 2>&1
or use some other -d<some other value> and log to a file.  The -d
ensures slapd does not detach and does not do 'cd /' - which would leave
the core dump in the root directory, where you likely do not want it.

Preferably use a slapd installed without stripping debugging symbols,
i.e.  install with
    make install STRIP=""