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Re: MirrorMode/N-Way Multi-Master Replication Clarification

Gavin Henry wrote:
> ----- "Howard Chu" <hyc@symas.com> wrote:
>> The key element of MirrorMode is that there is an external frontend
>> that 
>> ensures that all writes are directed to a single server. Otherwise,
>> there is 
>> no difference.
> Should I change the docs for MM? We do writes to a single server to guarantee 
> writes correct? If they are both the same, should we rename MirrorMode to a different
> key word?
> We don't use the server URI in the MM example, maybe that section should be totally re-written
> as it seems to be confusing users.
> Thoughts?

Well, at least maybe some clarification, if a total re-write is too time consuming.  If the difference between the two
has nothing to do with the number of nodes involved, and only whether or not there's an external frontend, perhaps they
would be more aptly titled "N-Way Multi-Master" and "Proxied N-Way Multi-Master".  And, perhaps any emphasis on the
number of nodes involved should be removed to avoid ambiguity?

Just my thoughts, hope it helps Gavin.  Let me know if there's anything I can do to help.