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RE: openldap service stop cause database corruption

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Hi Brandon,
Thanks for the reply.

> Did you time how long it takes your slapd to shut down when not using
> the init scripts?  I've seen a large slapd with broken checkpointing in
> a low-memory environment like yours take upwards of ten minutes to exit.

I tried to stop slapd without init script and it takes few seconds (2-3) to shut down.
Another question about memory: since I'm in a virtual environment I can add RAM up to 64GB 
What is, in your opinion a decent memory amount for an LDAP server? The system doesn't seems to
be under stress and there is a low of free memory.

> The scripts that Clément posted links to seem vastly superior to what
> I've seen come stock with Redhat (and perhaps your version of CentOS).
> You might want to think about using those instead.

I tried the script Clément posted without significant differences. I'll try again today
modifying configurations. I'll post here updates.

Thanks again,