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Re: Add DSML interface to OpenLDAP

Roberto Barrero wrote:
Hi all,
I'm beginner in OpenLDAP and I've a question...
I've an OpenLDAP server installed, and I want enable DSML interface to
access data using it since my client.
How I can install this interface?

There is none provided in the OpenLDAP distribution. Various 3rd parties provide them, e.g.


But IMO, DSML and all uses of XML as network protocol mechanisms are abominations. It's obvious that XML was a security breach waiting to happen.


The "ML" stands for Markup Language. A Markup Language is designed to augment plaintext for display to humans. It is not suitable for use as a database format, network transport protocol, or any of the many other "innovative" uses that have been attempted with it. Only a moron (or someone with a vested interest in selling more memory, newer CPUs, and newer network switches) would promote its use.
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