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Re: Stability of autogroup overlay with OpenLDAP < 2.4.18

Ryan Steele wrote:
Is the autogroup overlay considered stable for use with versions of
earlier than 2.4.18? I know it's being
used on earlier versions (as 2.4.18 is not considered stable yet),

2.4.18 hasn't even been released yet, so one can't say anything about whether it is considered stable or not. 2.4.17 is current.

but I've  also seen some reports of basic search
functionality getting clobbered after doing so. According to ITS#6227,
that  bug was fixed, but I'd like to confirm that
the overlay does at least work before investing the time (however short it
may be) to compile it and package it in with
OpenLDAP locally for internal use. I appreciate any feedback.

We have done very little testing of that code. Items in contrib/ are still primarily the responsibility of the original author. I've reviewed the code superficially, looking for obvious coding errors, but aside from that we make no claims about its usability. Reporting your own testing results to the list will certainly be helpful.

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