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Online config, delta syncrepl and overlay chain


I had bought a german book (OpenLDAP 2.4 - Das Praxisbuch) and could
successfully setup a delta-sync replication. Now I read about the
ability to add the overlay chain on the consumer side to automatically
redircet write rquests for the consumer to the provider.

I am using an online configuration and I am not able to find answers how
to add this overlay.

I am using Ubuntu, which has built openldap with module-support. So I
have already added the back_ldap.la module.

Two questions I can not get answers:

1.) Do I need to add the overlay to the thb-backend or to the frontend?

2.) Could please somebody point me to the corresponting objectClasses
that need to be added and the required attributes?

The book lists the follwing:

overlay chain
chain-uri ldap://foo/
chain-idassert-bind bindmethod=simple
                    binddn="..." credentials="..."
chain-rebind-as-user true
chain-return-error true

I can not find the olcXYZ options.

So, I thank you really very much for any help. :-)