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Re: Multimaster question

On Wednesday 24 June 2009 07:00:06 Dieter Kluenter wrote:
> "Clowser, Jeff" <jeff_clowser@fanniemae.com> writes:
> > I want to set up a cluster of ldap servers.  In that cluster, I want:
> >
> > - One primary supplier server
> > - One hot standby supplier server
> > - N read only consumer replicas.
> > - a load balancer that directs all writes to the primary master if it's
> > up,
> >   or the standby if it's down.
> >
> > However, I want operational attributes like password policy attributes
> > to be replicated across the cluster.  My understanding is that if I
> > set up two suppliers and N consumers, operational attribute changes
> > (such as password policy attrs) on the consumers will not replicate
> > across the cluster.
> Where did you find such information?
> in order to syhnchronise all user attributes and operational
> attributes just use *,+ as attribute list, as lined out in man
> slapd.conf(5)

This will allow operational attributes to be replicated from the provider to 
the consumer, but changes to password policy state attributes on consumers 
will not be replicated to providers or other consumers.

I think a more generic solution (that does not require all servers to be 
masters) is required ...