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Re: slapd leaking memory on i386?

John Morrissey wrote:
Any response to this, Howard? slapd finally consumed enough memory on this
machine that the kernel OOM killer terminated it, but this problem is
trivial for us to reproduce (happens after a few days of slapd uptime).

If it's so easily reproducible you should be able to recreate this while running a heap profiler. Can you get hold of google's tcmalloc and run with that? If it's not already on your platform, you can get it here


You don't need to recompile slapd to use it. Just set LD_PRELOAD=/path/to/tcmalloc before running slapd. (But you still need debugging/symbols.) See the docs here


you should also set HEAPPROFILE to the path where to dump the profile log.

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