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Re: slapd leaking memory on i386?

John Morrissey wrote:
2.4.16 (with BDB4.7 + patches and the POSIX threads build options) has been
stable on amd64/x86_64 for us, but I'm encountering problems with 2.4.16 on

On what OS?

I've been seeing similar issues on Linux, but using heap profilers / leak checkers don't turn up any results. At least in the Linux case, it appears to be general heap fragmentation caused by continual mmap/munmap of malloc'd memory blocks.

slapd will run happily for several hours at a RSS of ~1.2GB, but then will
suddenly gobble memory until it hits the i386 address space limit of 3GB and
dies due to random segfaults as memory allocation fails. BDB caches are set
to ~1.25GB total and the entry cache to 10,000 entries. I'm not sure how
long it takes slapd to consume the extra 2GB of memory, but it's definitely
less than 20 minutes according to sar(1).

I have a couple core files from when this happens. Are there structures that
are likely suspects for unchecked growth (the entry and BDB caches, for
example) that I can poke at with a debugger to get an idea what's going on?


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