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Re: slapadd performance

> Since you've already loaded your database, you can of course easily
> gather 
> the statistics on how big your DB is, and thus what the required
> settings would be to load it via slapadd in the future.
> Cd <data dir>
> du -c -h *.bdb
> Whatever that total is, is the total size you need DB_CONFIG to be to
> get 
> optimal performance.  In another note, there is no reason to split the
> BDB 
> cache into multiple memory regions (3 0 2) on 64-bit systems, and in
> fact 
> past tests I did showed that this decreases performance.  I'd suggest
> (X 0 
> 1) instead (where X is your updated value based on the results of the
> du -c 
> -h *.bdb command.

Also have a read of these two pages for more info:



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