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Re: uidNumber doesn't match after slapd-upgrade

On 05.03.2009, at 13:51, Michael Ströder wrote:

Wolfgang Hennerbichler wrote:

Sorry if this question has been asked before (but I have looked through
the archives and didn't find anything). After upgrading from debian etch
to lenny, I'm running the slapd version 2.4.11-1. The upgrade worked
without any itches except for one thing - it seems I can't search for
the attribute uidNumber anymore.

1. 2.4.11 is quite old. I'd recommend to use a more recent release.

I like to stick to debian stable, automatic security fixes are important for me. I'm not the compile-it-yourself guy.

2. Not sure what your upgrade path was. uidNumber is indexed? So I'd
suggest to stop slapd and re-index the whole database since the index
format was modified.

thanks, as stated in my other e-mails this was the answer I was looking for, I didn't know about this (and didn't think of it).

I've had a look at my schema files but they didn't contain a definition
for uidNumber, so after reading I found out this is a builtin attribute.

You should query the subschema subentry for finding out which schema elements are actually there.

thanks, wolfgang

Ciao, Michael.

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