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Re: delta-syncrepl missing changes

I have duplicated the configuration of the master system on another machine and re-running the 1321 modifications from yesterday morning, I am unable to reproduce the failure to add entries into the accesslog database.

So, as I was afraid, this problem requires an interaction between this modify and some other sequence of changes. The most likely culprit in my environment is our mail gateways that store records in our ldap server to block delivery from certain "high volume" systems... It is quite conceivable that a large influx of changes from those systems was possible at the same time.

The other major difference was that I started this test with the accesslog database being empty. I find that "slapcat" of the cn=accesslog database doesn't include the dn's. So, slapadd can't load them back in. Hmm... and after doing the test on the other machine, the slapcat (on that machine) does include the dn value.... Perhaps I have found my problem.

I guess I'm going to shutdown the master and wipe the accesslog database tonight. See if this happens again :(

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