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Re: Problem with rwm overlay when used with translucent

Bryan Mesich wrote:
The use case for this configuration is to create a custom view
for clients who are using nss ldap.  I'm using a translucent
overlay to provide attributes that are missing on the remote
server.  The rwm overlay is used to map attributes that exist,
but are named differently on the remote server.  I'm also using
a rewrite rule to manipulate incoming search filters.

Simply declaring the rwm overlay (as shown in my configuration)
is enough to produce the error when used with a translucent
overlay.  slapd will usually answer one request after being
started before tipping over.

I can file an ITS if need be, but I thought I'd ask before doing
so.  Maybe my configuration is wrong or I have missed a piece of
documentation explaining why my configuration doesn't work.

Given the number of overlays and the number of possible permutations of configurations, it should be clear that we don't document every combination.

However, no configuration should ever cause a crash. Any crash is always a bug and should be reported to the ITS.

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