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Entry cache hit ratio and aggregated logging

Hello, i 'd like to ask a couple of questions for which i haven't been able to find any obvious answers:
1. Is there a way to know the entry cache (slapd.conf cachesize directive) hit ratio? I haven't been able to find any such element in the cn=monitor structure (although the admin can find the current size of the entry and idl cache).
2. Is there a way to aggregate logging and only post operation numbers every 1 minute in the log file? I am not actually interested in each query run on my ldap server (and if i need that i can just set the log-level to Stats in cn=config) but i would like to be able to keep statistics of the server operations. The ideal situation would be for the server to send a sum of the completed operations during a configurable time interval.

Thank you for your time

Kostas Kalevras - Network Operations Center
National Technical University of Athens