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How can I *really* disable schema-checking?

I've recently inherited responsibility for an LDAP server for a large
business critical operation. 

Unfortunately the previous developer simply added data with schema-checking
off. They were using a very old version of OpenLDAP (which I can no longer
use) which allowed them to disable all schema-checking. As a consequence
the data is no longer compatible with the schema - all validation fails.

I want to disable all schema-checking on my new server, so I used the
slapd.conf directive "schemacheck off" - however this seems to be ignored.
I know this because when I attempt to add an un-declared attribute to an
entry in the database, the change is rejected. I understand that the
"schemacheck" config directive has been deprecated in recent versions of
slapd: But is there any other way to achive the same thing?

I've been told that there is a class called "ExtensibleObject" - might this
help? Please bear in mind that my database is big (approx 20Mb) and
changing the data may break compatibility with the application.

All I really want is to re-create the same kind of "anything-goes" platform
that we had with the old 2.2.19 slapd which allowed me to disable all