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Re: How can I *really* disable schema-checking?

--On Wednesday, January 21, 2009 1:35 PM +0000 Salim Fadhley <sal@stodge.org> wrote:

I've recently inherited responsibility for an LDAP server for a large business critical operation.

Unfortunately the previous developer simply added data with
schema-checking off. They were using a very old version of OpenLDAP
(which I can no longer use) which allowed them to disable all
schema-checking. As a consequence the data is no longer compatible with
the schema - all validation fails.

I want to disable all schema-checking on my new server, so I used the
slapd.conf directive "schemacheck off" - however this seems to be ignored.
I know this because when I attempt to add an un-declared attribute to an
entry in the database, the change is rejected. I understand that the
"schemacheck" config directive has been deprecated in recent versions of
slapd: But is there any other way to achive the same thing?

You can't disable schema checking anymore. I would advise creating schema elements for the data the old admin put into place, so that your data parses correctly. This will be your best path going forward.

I've been told that there is a class called "ExtensibleObject" - might
this help? Please bear in mind that my database is big (approx 20Mb) and
changing the data may break compatibility with the application.

20 megabytes is not a particularly large database these days. ;)



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