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Re: syncrepl problem - nothing updated after initial syncronisation

Carl Johnstone wrote:
> Trying to get 2 slapd servers setup for multi-master replication -
> they will eventually be in different physical locations. Once I've
> got the 2 servers running OK, I'll be adding in a 3rd location. I've
> followed the admin guide, using cn=config and have attached a LDIF
> dump of the config (with schemas removed).
> When I bring up the second server, with a minimal config. It correctly
> replicates across cn=config and sets up the main DB. It then correctly
> copies across all the data in the main DB to bring itself up-to-date
> with the server that's already setup. However from the point I bring
> it online it doesn't replicate any further changes to the first
> server. If I restart the second server the contextCSN is updated,
> however no other changes are replicated across.
> Is there anything obviously wrong with my config? Or have I hit a
> known problem?

Sorry, some more information:

It's openldap 2.4.13 with bdb 4.7.25 (all three patches currently available 
have been applied)

Configure options:
./configure --enable-dynamic --enable-crypt --enable-modules=yes  --enable-backends=mod 
 --enable-overlays=mod --enable-sql=no --enable-ndb=noAll the test passed 
after the build, however some experimentation today:./run -b bdb -s rp 
test050-syncrepl-multimaster # Works fine./run -b bdb -s ro 
test050-syncrepl-multimaster # test failed - producer and consumer1 
databases differCarl