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Re: OpenLDAP connecting to remote MySQL server with back-sql

Jason B wrote:

> However, obdc.ini (which has been separately tested) is configured to
> connect to the MySQL server on My understanding is that
> the dbhost attribute in slapd.conf is ignored â weâve set this anyway
> just to make sure.

In the man page of slapd-sql we can read:

dbhost <hostname>
dbpasswd <password>
dbuser <username>

The  three above options are generally unneeded, because this
information is taken from the datasource specified by the dbname
directive.  They allow to override datasource settings.  Also,
several  RDBMSÂÂ  drivers  tend  to require  explicit  passing  of
user/password,  even if those are given in datasource (Note: dbhost is
currently ignored).