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Re: problems with exporting/iimporting passwords

thom_schu@gmx.de wrote:
Hi everybody, we are installing a new ldap-server, because we need a
new structure. so a simple export/import via slapcat/slapadd is not
possible, because we need to change the object structure. I wrote a
bash shell-script (we are working under suse), which exports the user
datas via ldapsearch, builds the new objects and saves it in
ldif-format. then I import the ldif-file via ldap-add in the new

but when I want to import the ldif-file, ldapadd complains about 50
users (from 900 total), that they woud have an invalid format -  the
lines, which are invalid are always the userPassword-lines of this

I tried already to extract this lines with slapcat, copied the
extracted lines into my ldif-file, but still the same error.

Is there any other way to export/import the password ? can it be a
char-set problem ? I really dont know anymore, what else I could

I guess your script does something wrong but it's hard to guess from the sparse information you gave. BTW: Do you fully understand the LDIF syntax, especially lines with userPassword:: ?

Ciao, Michael.