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Re: some questions on n-way replication

Dieter Kluenter wrote:
there are some examples of n-way replication configuration examples
around and I would like to ask for some authoritative configuration
test050 for example gives the impression that serverID parameter has
to be multivalued at each configuration file, i.e. in a 3-way

serverID 1 $URL1
serverID 2 $URL2
serverID 3 $URL3

test050 configures replication on both the cn=config tree and a user database. As such, all server configurations will be made identical once replication starts. So, they all need to know about all 3 servers at the outset. If you're not replicating cn=config, then this isn't necessary.

same applies to replication ID, it seems that sid and rid have some
mutual relation, and all participating hosts should be aware of all
rids, i.e. in a 3-way replication:

No. As the documentation clearly says, rids only need to be unique within a particular slapd configuration. rids in one server have absolutely no relation to rids in any other server.

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